Friday, May 12, 2017

Zen Animals

This painting is dedicated to a dear friend who tasked me with drawing "a baby hippo topped with a baby goat topped with a baby turtle"–something he just pulled out of his random and creative mind in order to nudge me back into art during my creative drought. I didn't complete the task until several months (possibly a year?) later in the form of a very amateurish digital painting that I'm too embarrassed to post. This is a remake of that painting.

Speaking of zen... Once upon a time, I worked on a short documentary film on zen buddhism that I'm still quite fond of despite its flaws and my terrible animation. It contains a few thought gems worthy of contemplation thanks to Alan Watts as well as the wonderful people at the Berkeley Zen Center. If you're feeling reflective, take an 8-minute walk in our zen garden (the volume may need to be turned way up; our sound levels weren't great):

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