Friday, April 7, 2017

First Complete Painting

This is the most complete digital painting I've done thus far. I must admit, I really surprised myself with this one. It's perhaps the best work I've done! There's still something amateurish about it that I can't quite place. A bit overworked in some areas and a bit underworked in others maybe. Or maybe too muddied in the background? Constructive criticism is welcome if you have any thoughts.

I didn't initially set out to paint this. I had started out trying to do a character study for an existing red panda design, but I fell back into old perfectionistic ways and ended up with one seriously crappy-looking red panda. And I mean like Jesus-fresco-restoration-fail crappy. I backed away from my workstation before my overdramatic brain could question what I was doing with my life.

I didn't want to end the day feeling like a failure though; it was important for me to leave feeling at least a smidge hopeful. So after a refreshing walk, I decided to switch approaches and try painting from photo reference (of this adorable Mohini from the Auckland Zoo!). This approach was thankfully much more successful. 

I later revisited the character study that I had initially failed at, this time with a renewed sense of freedom, similar to what I experienced in making the hippo. I will post it another day. :)

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